1. New variant covid-19

    2. Hands Face Space

    3. Introduction

    4. What is Covid-19, scale of pandemic

    5. Covid-19 genetic evolution over time

    6. Life cycle of infection, role of ACE-2 receptors and immunity

    7. how covid-19 vaccines work (nytime)

    8. Development of the Oxford vaccine (BMJ)

    9. New York TIMES: Inside the B.1.1.7 Coronavirus Variant (NYTimes)

    1. Symptoms caused by Covid-19; how serious can it get

    2. Less common Covid-19 symptoms

    3. Who is at risk? Anyone especially the elderly, but 38% ICU admissions age 20-54 years

    4. These pre-existing conditions linked with high risk groups

    5. Particular risk of infection for arthritis patients

    6. Arthritis patient risk stratification (British Society for Rheumatology)

    7. Potential role of anti-rheumatics in covid-19 infection

    8. LOCF Covid-19 Checklist

    1. 11-steps to reduce your risk

    2. What to do if you have the covid-19 infection

    3. Myths about alcohol in Covid-19

    1. UK gov travel advice

    2. How long does Covid-19 virus survive on surfaces

    3. Ibuprofen and NSAIDs in Covid-19 patients

    4. Self-swab test

    5. Global resources and national guidelines

    1. Future pandemics

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