• 1

    Introduction, why this is important

    • Introduction
    • What is Covid-19, scale of pandemic
    • Biology of infection, ACE-2 levels
    • LOCF Covid-19 Checklist - understand your vulnerability
  • 2

    Are you at risk, what symptoms you might get

    • Who is at risk? Anyone especially the elderly but 38% are between 20-54 years old
    • Symptoms & diseases caused by Covid-19; how serious can it get
    • New possible symptoms / features of Covid-19
    • Pre-existing conditions and high risk groups
    • Arthritis patients
    • Arthritis patient risk stratification (British Society for Rheumatology)
    • Potential role of anti-rheumatics in covid-19 infection
    • Ibuprofen and NSAIDs in Covid-19 patients
  • 3

    How to reduce your risk of getting and what to do if you have Covid-19 disease

    • 11-steps to reduce your risk
    • What to do if you have the covid-19 infection
    • Myths about alcohol in Covid-19
  • 4

    References, various national recommendations, self swab test

    • How long does virus survive on surfaces
    • Health and social care staff need appropriate PPE and a fair wage
    • Self-swab test
    • Resources and national guidelines
    • Covid-19 Check List
  • 5

    Next pandemic

    • Likelihood of future pandemic